Channel/Agency Partner Programs

As a Mobilozophy Channel Partner, you have the opportunity to resell our mzCONNECT platform or white label mobile marketing services such as mobile coupons, loyalty, SMS and Wifi to sell under your own brand. Whatever option you choose, we offer extensive training and support.

Developer Partner Programs

Through our Developer Network program, you get access to our technologies and support resources that enable you to develop third-party applications through software integration, API usage, or a custom created solution, which you can then monetize in the marketplace.

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Referral Partner Programs

Our Referral Program is one of the easiest opportunities for you to earn money with us. There are two simple steps for Referral Partners. Simply qualify prospects in need of mobile marketing technology and/or services. Then, send the prospect to us. If that prospect becomes a client then you earn a referral fee. It’s that simple!

Enhance Your Value Proposition

Eliminate Risk of HPL Patent Infringement

Generate Recurring Revenues

Ensure TCPA Compliance

Gain a Competitive Edge

A Host of Support & Training Resources

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