WiFi Marketing

Nurture customer bonds through captivating experiences.

Merging WiFi and mobile marketing tech presents a solution that deepens insights into consumer behavior, enabling tailored interactions across various channels for a truly personalized approach.

Example of WiFi login and access point


Nurture customer bonds through captivating experiences

Maximize your outreach potential through Ubiquiti or Aruba Access Points. Effortlessly configure and oversee devices using the Cloud Console. Launch your personalized splash page and track engagement via your own branded white-label portal. Elevate customer interactions through WiFi, opening doors to enhanced engagement and brand impact.

Mobile Marketing Portal login

Mobile Marketing Platform

Achieve optimal outcomes with intelligent marketing strategies

Access a unified platform that seamlessly integrates essential technologies, enabling swift creation and execution of automated campaigns for coupons, engagement, loyalty, and WiFi. Enjoy effortless multi-channel outreach and gain real-time insights into campaign performance. Heighten your marketing game with a comprehensive solution that delivers tangible success.

Example of a website and mobile app coupon.

Mobile Coupons

Drive consumer actions through strategic motivation

According to a 2019 Juniper Study, Mobile Coupon users have exceeded 1 billion, highlighting the significance of convenience. Presenting the right offer at the opportune moment can incentivize purchases that might not have occurred otherwise.

With Mobilozophy's Coupon Publisher, engage and retain customers by delivering personalized, timely coupons across mobile platforms. These coupons are effortlessly redeemable, allowing you to gather vital transactional insights and foster lasting connections.

Examples of loyalty points and perks

Mobile Loyalty

Boost member engagement and nurture connections through enticing incentives

Introduce accessible loyalty programs via a user-friendly mobile app or website, enabling members to accumulate perks or points leading to exclusive, timely rewards. Members enjoy swift redemption of rewards or seamless point-based payments, fostering a strong and enduring relationship.

Example of WiFi Marketing Analytics for Dwell Time.


Deepen your customer insights with real-time data access

Monitor a spectrum of WiFi activities including registrations, dwell times, device types, return visits, coupon redemptions, URL clicks, and beyond. Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors and preferences to fuel strategic decisions and meaningful interactions.

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