Wifi Marketing

Cultivate customer relationships by delivering engaging experiences.

Combining WiFi and mobile marketing technologies offers a solution that helps businesses better understand consumer behaviors for providing highly-personalized interactions across multiple channels.


WiFi Guest Marketing

Another way to connect with customers

By taking advantage of your WiFi, you gain another opportunity to connect with customers. After installing Access Points from Ubiquiti or Aruba, easily set up and manage the devices using the Cloud Console, launch your branded splash page and monitor activity via your branded white-label portal.

WiFi Registration

mzCONNECT Marketing Automation Platform
Mobile Marketing Platform
Deploy smarter marketing for successful results

A unified platform integrated with all the technologies needed for you to build and execute automated marketing coupon, engagement, loyalty, and WiFi campaigns quickly across multiple channels. And get visibility into real-time campaign results.

Mobile Coupons
Reward members and cultivate relationships

Attract and retain customers by delivering personalized and timely  coupons for deployment across mobile channels and easily redeemable for collecting critical transactional data.

example of desktop and mobile website redemption

mobile loyalty points and coupons

Mobile Loyalty
Reward members and cultivate relationships

Launch loyalty programs easily accessible via a mobile app or website that allow members to earn perks or points towards receiving unique and timely rewards. Members can quickly redeem rewards or pay with points.

Getting to know your customers

View real-time data of customer activity such as registrations, dwell times, device types, return visits, coupon redemptions, SMS opt-in/outs, URL clicks, and much more.

Mobile Loyalty Dashboard

The Benefits

Saves time, more efficient

Cross-channel marketing

Higher engagement rates

Personalized interactions

Positive consumer experience

Real-time data

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