Mobile Loyalty Solution

Convert consumers into loyalist with engaging and incentivizing programs.

A mobile loyalty solution that empowers businesses to build loyalty programs and engaging experiences that gratifies members and drives overall results.

Loyalty-Driven Consumer App

Examples of Mobilozophy's GetPerked's Loyalty Perks and Points

Empower your members with a Loyalty App that grants instant access to earning and redeeming rewards in real-time. Seamlessly engage with them at the perfect moment and location, enhancing their experience and your brand connection.

Readily-Available Loyalty App & Website

Choose between licensing the loyalty app, website or both under the GETPERKED brand or white-labeling it with your logo and branding elements, ensuring a seamless fit with your unique identity.

Enhanced Subscription Management

Simplify the subscription process for your members by enabling them to conveniently pay through your integrated Stripe account.

Deepen Consumer Engagement

Foster profound connections with members through timely, personalized messages sent via SMS, push notifications, or in-app alerts, ensuring meaningful interactions and lasting satisfaction.

Empower Loyalty Through Perks and Points

Accelerate the loyalty life cycle through programs that motivate members to accumulate perks or points, leading them toward redeemable coupons and irresistible offers, thereby enhancing their loyalty journey.

Rewards that Resonate

Appreciate members' loyalty by granting them access to contactless redeemable coupons, Amazon e-gift cards, or the freedom to choose from a diverse rewards table. Make their efforts worthwhile with meaningful incentives.

Effortless Redemption Process

Experience seamless redemption through our compatible Merchant redemption app. Quickly redeem coupons, eGift cards, loyalty perks, and points programs, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Global Reach with Multilingual Support

Expand your horizons across multiple countries with confidence. Our solution offers multilingual support, catering to languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, ensuring seamless communication no matter where your business takes you.

Share the Gift of Giving

Empower users with the ability to buy and send gift cards to loved ones, friends, and recipients of their choice, spreading joy and making every occasion special.

The Ultimate Loyalty Marketing

Discover a comprehensive SaaS platform equipped with all the essential tools to craft captivating loyalty programs, establish personal connections, and unleash a world of possibilities.

Example of Loyalty Dashboard

Your Gateway to 24/7 Access

Empower yourself with round-the-clock accessibility through our user-friendly Saas portal. Seamlessly manage merchant accounts, member subscriptions, and a multitude of features, ensuring you're in control anytime, anywhere.

Efficient User Management

Streamline operations by assigning roles to grant users targeted access to specific functions within the portal, ensuring a streamlined and secure workflow.

Streamlined Loyalty Member Management

Effectively oversee and monitor loyalty program details, member activities, and more, enabling you to gain valuable insights into member engagement and interactions.

Insights into Your Members

Through the collection of first-party data, uncover valuable member insights by analyzing their activities, purchases, redemptions, and more utilizing our robust reporting capabilities.

Engagement Center

Establish meaningful dialogues with members through a versatile engagement center that spans across multiple channels, including SMS, Push Notifications, and In-app Messaging.

Loyalty Manager

Craft innovative loyalty programs that inspire members to make purchases, accruing perks or points that lead to earning enticing rewards.

Location-Driven Marketing

Harness the power of beacon or geofence technology to detect members' locations, allowing you to send personalized content that prompts targeted actions.

Share Real-Time Data

Easily tap into data from third-party systems through seamless webhook integration.

Proficient Coupon Management

Incentivize increased spending with exclusive coupons for redemption, enticing buy-one-get-one offers, and even complimentary items, available at all or specific locations.

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