Website Widgets

Streamline savings for consumers effortlessly.

Integrate Mobilozophy's Click-to-Text and Click-to-Redeem widgets seamlessly into your coupon webpage, crafting convenient buttons that simplify the process of locating and redeeming coupons. Empower consumers with user-friendly tools that enhance their coupon experience and encourage engagement.

Example of a Click-to Text widget on a mobile website


Integrate the Click-to-Text widget seamlessly into your website and eliminate the hassle for your visitors when it comes to saving coupons or remembering where they found them. With a simple code insertion, your web page becomes a portal to effortless coupon texting directly to their mobile phones. Simplify the process and enhance user experience with this convenient feature.

Example of self redemption for a mobile coupon


Empower your visitors with swift coupon redemption using our Redemption widget. With a mere click or button press, users can effortlessly redeem a coupon. Whether by scanning a QR code or engaging in self-redemption, this feature ensures a seamless process.

What's more, the widget ties the redemption to a tokenized mobile number, enabling foolproof coupon validation for one-time use and seamless redemption tracking. Elevate user engagement and streamline coupon management with our innovative Redemption widget.

Example of coupons displaying on a website using Mobilozophy's coupon API.

Coupon API

Lacking coupons on your website? No problem – our Coupon API has you covered. It empowers you to seamlessly design, publish, and oversee coupons directly on your site. This API operates as a RESTful Web service, providing data in JSON format for effortless integration with your existing site, service, or application. Unlock the ability to offer compelling coupons without hassle, enriching your user experience and enhancing engagement.

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