Make gifting easy.

eGift cards remain a popular choice for all occasions, and with gift cards, sending a distinctive present to friends, family, colleagues, and more has never been simpler. These cards are readily available 24/7, offering recipients the convenience of having their special gift right at their fingertips.

egift Card example

Mobile App

Leverage the versatility of Mobilozophy's eGift cards application or seamlessly integrate our API into your existing app. This empowers your customers to effortlessly buy and personalize gift cards, sending them directly to recipients. Once received, recipients can swiftly download your app and start enjoying their newfound spending power.

  • Email or SMS delivery
  • Current balance
  • Transaction history
  • Multiple denominations
  • Multilingual

eGift Cards Redemption

Effortlessly redeem your gift cards with the RedeemPal Redemption app. Whether you're entering a redemption code or scanning a QR code, our user-friendly interface ensures that any team member can easily manage the process.

Discover the Simplicity of eGift Cards

View this brief video showcasing the effortless process of purchasing and sending gift cards directly from your branded mobile app.

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