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Boost the success of your retail business with mobile marketing solutions that deliver results.

The ecommerce landscape today is so cutthroat that you must use every marketing tool to attract, retain and engage shoppers. But whether you’re an online retailer or strictly brick-and-mortar, mobile marketing has the solutions needed to make the most of each valuable customer.

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Bring the retail experience alive

Since retailing went online, the experience has become stale. It seems like every ecommerce store is the same, but your retail operation can stand out with the incredibly high engagement rates of mobile marketing. Through different channels, such as WiFi, SMS and proximity marketing, local and online retailers can stimulate increased purchases.


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Compelling coupons help lead to high sales and revenue

Give a little to get a lot in the long run. Coupons create a feedback loop that keeps retail shoppers returning. With so many competing retailers, it takes promotions to generate repeat visits and purchases. High relevance and timely delivery mean redemption rates soar, especially when retailers have simple redemption processes: QR code, POS, or self-redemption.

Elevate your loyalty program

Loyalty isn’t just earned once—it must be earned over and over again through mobile marketing outreach. Stay competitive by meeting shoppers’ expectations with a loyalty program that provides immediate benefits, engaging experiences and all-device access.

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Meet Shopper Expectations and Boost Sales

Making checkout faster benefits customers and your operations. Mobile payments eliminate friction at checkout, reducing needless lines that, if long enough, turn away a percentage of item-in-hand buyers and allow you to transact more sales rapidly through your POS or accept payments on the store floor or at curbside pickup.

Create a dynamic interactions shoppers will appreciate

QR codes improve your customers’ in-store experience, whether brick-and-mortar or digital, and strengthen every interaction you already have with shoppers. Create codes quickly and easily tailored to your customer base. Embed maps, locations, phone numbers, URLs, and more. Track how each coupon redemption and program performs with real-time data that enables rapid optimization. Make it easier for customers to join loyalty programs, contact customer service, leave feedback, and connect on social media.

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Meet Shopper Expectations and Boost Sales

Mobile apps offer shoppers amazing shopping experiences, whether inside or outside the store. Why? Because mobile apps meet shoppers' needs. Whatever the reason, deals, engagement, loyalty, inventory or price check, purchasing, customer service, and social interactions, a mobile app delivers. So if you don't have a mobile app, now is the time to get one.

Understand shoppers like never before

Track visits, foot traffic, dwell times, campaign performance, redemptions, and other critical data for enhancing the shopper experience. Data points include dwell times, registrations, SMS opt-in/outs, URL clicks, coupon redemptions, return visits and device types.

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