OEM Mobile Marketing Solutions

Enhance every layer of your stack with mobile marketing solutions.

As a OEM software company, you have incredible capabilities. But for the gaps, there’s OEM mobile marketing solutions from Mobilozophy. Whether you lack the ability to make customer data-driven decisions, expand your value and differentiate, or simply launch out of the box solutions to hit the ground running, we're ready.

Expand value by engaging customers

If you’re an OEM business struggling to expand value into recurring product revenue, integrating mobile engagement is the answer. Mobile engagement allows you to create a repeating communication system for your clients and their customers. Whether email, SMS, proximity, or WiFi, your clients benefit from an omnichannel engagement approach.


Hand holding smartphone with a personalized SMS message.

Hand holding smartphone displaying a mobile coupon with a QR code.

Offer coupons to stand out as an OEM

Is coupon, promotion, loyalty and customer engagement management eating away at your core competencies? Is your offer a standardized, regulated OEM commodity like POS systems that has to stand out in a strong way to grow? With POS, non-POS and contactless redemption options, all coupon data is tracked giving your clients the insights they need to build valuable and successful marketing campaigns.


Inspire loyalty through a white-label loyalty app

Why not white-label our mobile loyalty app so your clients can maximize brand exposure, strengthen customer loyalty, and remain competitive? It's a low-cost, rapid-deployment loyalty solution that enhances your product offering and generates additional revenue.

Person looking a loyalty perks earned on a smartphone.

Person using a smartphone to make a mobile payment while connected to WiFi.

Speedy and secure checkout process

Give your clients the option of providing a speedy and secure checkout process for their customers through mobile payments. And by adding loyalty, customers get the instant gratification they expect of seeing earned points in real-time and the ability to redeem or pay with points at the time of purchase.

Simple but impactful for the customer experience

Help your clients improve their customers' experiences with the simplicity of QR codes. By embedding any type of content, such as websites, videos, social media, directions, and menus, customers can easily access content to simplify their journey. 

Person scanning a QR code with smartphone.

Mobilozophy mzConnect Portal Reporting

Deliver unforeseen data for identifying high-value customers

Make the necessary software and business development moves, and launch marketing programs confidently using customer data. Your clients can learn more about their businesses than ever before with real-time data on customer activity, from SMS opt-ins/outs, URL clicks, return visits, dwell times, registrations, device types, and more.

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