Mobile Contactless Payments

Mobile payments, loyalty and couponing in a single transaction.

Meet consumer expectations of touchless experiences with Paycentiv, our mobile contactless payments and loyalty app. Not only can consumers pay for goods and services without touching cards or payment terminals, but they can join loyalty programs to earn points towards rewards.

Instantly Available App

You can achieve a seamless branding experience without the need to develop a mobile app. Simply customize the payment app with your logo and colors, which not only saves you time and money but also enables a quick entry into the market.

Seamless Mobile Wallet Experience

Consumers can effortlessly upload and manage credit or debit cards, simplifying the payment process for convenient and secure transactions.

Ignite Loyalty with Inspiring Programs

Initiate a journey of unwavering loyalty through programs designed to motivate members to accumulate perks or points they can use towards unlocking rewards or redeeming towards purchases.

Secure Mobile Payments

Offer consumers the convenience of touch-free payments through various methods including QR codes, text-to-pay, pay by URL, and pay-at-the-table, ensuring a safe and secure transaction experience.

Forge Meaningful Connections

Enhance customer interaction by delivering personalized and pertinent communication through email, in-app messaging, push notifications, or text messages. Keep loyalty members engaged and content with tailored outreach, solidifying lasting satisfaction.

First-Party Data Is Key to Knowing Your Consumers

Getting to know your consumers becomes effortless with first-party data collection. It enables you to gain insights into your customers' identities, including their preferences, behaviors, spending habits, and more. Armed with this information, you can tailor personalized programs that effectively keep them engaged and satisfied.

Access Comprehensive Transaction History

The app's user-friendly interface allows consumers to conveniently review their payment transactions along with associated details. Moreover, it provides a seamless experience for consumers to effortlessly retrieve their stored receipts, enhancing transparency and ease of access to their purchase records.

Help Prevent Return Fraud

The Paycentiv solution empowers businesses with innovative tools to combat return fraud effectively. By offering a secure and convenient digital receipt storage system, merchants gain the capability to quickly access receipts using a consumer's email or mobile number through the PAYCENTIV portal.

Experience Mobile Contactless Payments Firsthand

Witness the seamless integration of loyalty and couponing technology in action by watching the Paycentiv video. In the wake of COVID, contactless payments are crucial for consumer satisfaction, and they address the growing digital-native demographic, set to comprise 59% of the population by 2026. With the added advantage of loyalty programs, consumers enjoy real-time point tracking and the convenience of redeeming or using points during purchases, delivering the instant gratification they anticipate.

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