Mobile Contactless Payments

Mobile payments, loyalty and couponing in a single transaction.

Meet consumer expectations of touchless experiences with Paycentiv, our mobile contactless payments  and loyalty app. Not only can consumers pay for goods and services without touching cards or payment terminals, but they can join loyalty programs to earn points towards rewards.

Payment App

Brand the payment app with your logo and colors

Contactless Payments

Touchless QR code payment method.

Secure Payments

Converts credit card info into tokens for secure transactions.


Upload and manage  credit or debit cards to use for payments.

Payment Transactions

View payment transactions and the details.

Currency Conversion

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) or cardholder preferred currency (CPC).


Offer loyalty programs  users can join to earn points towards rewards and purchases.


Contactless redeemable offers and rewards.


Enhance consumer interaction via SMS or push notifications.

The Power of Mobile Contactless Payments

Paycentiv offers more than contactless payments. With integrated loyalty and couponing technology, users can earn points or offers to redeem towards purchases at the time of payment.

mobile loyalty points




Simple to Use

Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Engagement

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