Mobile Marketing for Agencies

Get more clients and retain the ones you have with successful results.

Results are what matters, and to keep delivering them for your clients means expanding your reach and impact with mobile marketing. Help clients find the best leads without letting them slip away due to lack of engagement, improper timing, or the wrong channel.

Diverse group of people at a marketing agency

Get the engagement your clients want

Through our platform, you can offer mobile engagement to your client to help them build solid connections with their customers through strategically developed campaigns based on customer data and location and delivered across various channels such as email, SMS, and Wifi.

Example of a push notification

Example of a GetPerked Mobile Coupon

Stimulate relationships with coupons

A study by Juniper Research found that by 2023, 80% of all coupon redemptions will happen on a mobile device. So why would your clients want to miss out on this opportunity to reward clients with easily redeemable coupons deliverable across all channels? And the benefit of gathering pertinent information that helps your clients understand customers better.

Make client solutions number one

Keep your clients top of mind to their customers through personalized and valuable experiences. Giving incentives such as points, perks, or other offers benefits your client's customers and business by fostering relationships that cultivate long-term loyalty. You don't have to build a thing. We offer a white-label loyalty solution that will work for most of your clients.

Examples of Mobilozophy's GetPerked's Loyalty Perks and Points

Mobilozophy SMS Message Reporting

Knowledge is power

Help your clients do more for their customers through a greater understanding of their needs and behavior. Show your clients exactly what their customers are doing and then dial it in. With so many data points—from SMS opt-ins/outs and URL clicks to coupon redemptions and return visits, device types, dwell times, and registrations—you'll know what works and what doesn't.

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