Mobile Marketing for Agencies 

Acquire and retain clients through proven success.

Achieving tangible results is the ultimate goal. Sustaining this success requires broadening your influence through the realm of mobile marketing. Empower your clients to secure promising leads without allowing them to slip away due to engagement gaps, mistimed interactions, or inappropriate communication channels. With your guidance, let them unlock a world of opportunities and cultivate enduring connections that drive lasting success..

Unlock the engagement your clients crave

Discover a world of mobile engagement possibilities through our platform. Elevate your client's connection with their customers by orchestrating powerful campaigns rooted in customer data and location insights. With seamless delivery across diverse channels – including email, SMS, and WiFi – you're poised to create impactfu

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Example of a GetPerked Mobile Coupon

Excite customers connections with coupons

In an era driven by mobile connectivity, coupons emerge as a powerful catalyst for nurturing relationships. According to a Juniper Research study, a staggering 80% of coupon redemptions are projected to occur via mobile devices by 2023. With this remarkable potential on the horizon, why would your clients want to overlook the chance to engage customers through seamlessly redeemable coupons, accessible across all communication channels?

Moreover, harness the added advantage of gathering insightful data, empowering your clients with a deeper understanding of their customer base. Don't let this opportunity slip through the cracks – empower your clients to harness the true potential of mobile coupons today.

Prioritize client solutions above all

Elevate your clients' presence in their customers' minds by delivering tailored and meaningful experiences. Offering incentives like points, perks, or exclusive offers not only enriches your client's customers but also cultivates enduring loyalty that bolsters both their business and customer relationships. And the best part? You don't need to start from scratch. Our white-label loyalty solution is at your disposal, designed to seamlessly fit the needs of most of your clients. Empower your clients with a loyalty strategy that speaks volumes and drives lasting success.

Examples of Mobilozophy's GetPerked's Loyalty Perks and Points

Mobilozophy SMS Message Reporting

Empowerment lies in knowledge

Equip your clients with the ability to boost their customer engagement by delving deeper into customer needs and behaviors. Illuminate the path to enhanced understanding and then fine-tune strategies accordingly. With a wealth of data points at your disposal – encompassing SMS opt-ins/outs, URL clicks, coupon redemptions, return visits, device types, dwell times, and registrations – you'll possess the insights needed to discern effective tactics from those that fall short. Illuminate the path to success by harnessing the power of knowledge and data-driven decisions.

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