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Fostering constant engagement is essential for retaining patrons amidst numerous alternatives. By maintaining a prominent presence, you not only drive sales but also enhance customer experiences through innovative mobile marketing. From captivating promotions and interactive QR code engagements to event updates via SMS and enticing daily drink specials, owners of nightclubs and bars can tap into a variety of mobile marketing avenues to seize opportunities and achieve excellence.

Achieve higher engagement through mobile

Keeping your club at the forefront of patrons' minds is essential. And what better way to do this than with mobile engagement? Whether through email, SMS, push notifications, or WiFi, you can send personalized, relevant, and timely content to encourage patron response that best serves your business and gathers valuable insights.

Smartphone with Happy Hour text bubbles.

Hand holding smartphone with coupon.

Leverage coupons to boost business success

People like discounts because they save money. But you need to be creative, and they need to be relevant and timely, easily redeemable, and accessible via smart devices. Don't miss out on using issuing coupons, or you may lose out on acquiring new patrons, keeping existing ones, increasing sales, and many other benefits.

Reward patrons, earn loyalty and increase sales

When rewarding repeat purchases, check-ins, and other behaviors, loyalty is easier to achieve and increases across your entire customer base. Enable your patrons to easily connect to your program via a mobile site or app and get rewarded how they like best. Remain competitive by meeting patrons’ expectations with a loyalty program that provides immediate benefits, unforgettable experiences, and offers all-device access and see your sales increase.

Man reading a text sitting at a bar

Man at bar paying using his smartphone.

Stay competitive with convenient, fast and secure technology

Elevate your level of service with the boost from mobile payments. Patrons don't like waiting to pay, so mobile payments offer a quick and secure process to meet patron demands, keep your establishment running efficiently, and gather valuable patron insights.

Deliver patrons an interactive experience they'll appreciate

A growing number of nightclubs and bars have embraced QR codes for contactless experiences. From making reservations online, adding their name to the waitlist, accessing coupons, joining your loyalty program, and getting event calendars, patrons can scan QR codes to interact with many touchpoints of your club. It's easy, convenient, and offers quick access to the content your patrons want.

Woman scanning a QR code to access the restaurant menu

Mobilozophy SMS Message Reporting

Gain real-time insights into your patrons and marketing efforts

Most nightclub and bar owners have no insight into patron behavior beyond basics like how often and how much they spend. Without connecting to your patron when they’re outside of your club, you won’t see them as much inside of it. Real-time data from SMS opt-in/outs, URL clicks, return visits, dwell times, registrations, device types, and more creates a complete picture of customer behavior. 

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