Mobile Marketing for Travel

Engage with consumers on the move and elevate the travel experience at every juncture.

Travelers are consistently immersed in their mobile devices, underscoring the need to leverage mobile marketing for added value throughout their journey. By embracing mobile marketing, you can seamlessly enhance every phase of the traveler's voyage, ensuring convenience and value from start to finish.

Better serve travelers by communicating

Travel industry customers start by researching, taking their trips, and returning home. All along the way, touchpoints are available across multiple channels. Most businesses in the travel industry let opportunities for building relationships and upselling simply slip away to their competitors. Be the business that embraces mobile marketing knowing, it’s the difference maker.


Man waiting for his train to arrive.

iPad displaying the words best travel offers.

Give coupons to encourage return visits and ultimately loyalty

Is there an industry more suited towards coupons than travel? There’s an entire culture around saving on traveling, so why not stand out amongst potential customers who love a deal?  A personalized coupon right at the point of checkout makes it easy to fight back against abandoned carts.

Inspire loyalty through user-friendly programs

With enough personalization and convenience, any loyalty program can gain traction, yielding ROI for years to come. Travelers can get the essentials like a loyalty app or website, but retailers can also offer unique rewards once users have reached a location in their journey that triggers geodirected offers for nearby local businesses.

Smartphone with cash back and rewards displayed.

Woman using smartphone to buy train ticket

Offer quick, convenient and secure payments for travelers

83% of travelers have mobile devices capable of handling touchless payments. Payments already take too long locally, but traveling means potentially longer lines, currency issues, and unfamiliar processes for tourists. Vacations are about freedom from stress, so cut out these issues for your travelers and accept mobile payments.

Dynamically link travelers to valuable information

Nobody likes the hassle of travel, but tech smooths the process, while engaging customers like never before. Help travelers quickly check-in, get travel information, access local attractions and maps, find restaurants, and more through QR codes.

Cruise ticket with QR Code on smartphone.

Mobilozophy mzConnect Portal Reporting

Learn what makes travelers tick

As your customers shop for new trips, what data do they provide that could help you refine your marketing? URL clicks, SMS opt-outs, return visits, device types, and coupon redemptions. But these are just a few of the data points. What hidden insights will you be able to discover about your travel industry audience?

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