Mobile Marketer for Grocers

Attract a larger customer base to your grocery store through multichannel experiences.

As shoppers utilize their smart devices for tasks like crafting lists, price comparisons, information searches, store location finding, coupon access, brand engagement, and beyond, a seamless multichannel encounter is anticipated. Grocers who provide such an experience not only secure customer loyalty but also establish a foundation for its ongoing sustenance.

Motivate shoppers via personalized and timely content

How much do you really understand about the shopping behaviors of those who walk the aisles of your grocery business?

Through a robust variety of marketing methods—from WiFi marketing and email campaigns to proximity marketing and SMS—you can tailor messages using shopper data you've collected to communicate consistently across channels for maximum effectiveness.

Woman looking at her phone while grocery shopping.

Grocery coupon on a smartphone

Strengthen shopper bonds by making it easy for them to save

Grocery customers have been seeing coupon deals in the paper their whole lives. They might not clip, but they still like the idea of a discount. Reward customers to incentivize return trips with a focus on upsells while in-store or online. Our coupons are convenient and easy to redeem, so they rarely go to waste.

Give shoppers more ways to earn

Groceries are already a recurring expense, and it only makes sense to leverage the most loyalty out of your customers. Keep your grocery store the first choice of your customers by giving back. Let them accrue perks or points in other ways besides purchases, such as joining your loyalty program, social activities, completing surveys, and more.

Custome rsurvey for a grocery store.

Woman holding smartphone with grocery shopping list displayed.

Stay competitive in a growing market

Grocery apps soared in popularity in the past few years, and if you want to remain competitive, you need a solid marketing strategy. Show consumers you aren't just another app through an experiential experience by creating memorable and innovative customer experiences to create deep emotional connections between your brand and shoppers. 

Understand your shoppers like never before

Customer behavior for grocery stores was a mystery before mobile marketing mined data through increased engagement. Our data is real-time and comprehensive, capturing data for each action a user takes, from return visits to device types, SMS opt-in/outs, dwell times, registrations, and URL clicks. See which marketing efforts work best and which promotions inspire the most engagement. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

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