An SMS Marketing Platform That's Right For You

Our SMS marketing platform is a tool that helps you easily create, send, and manage your SMS marketing campaigns. Whether it’s alerts, coupons, or reminders, our SMS marketing platform will help ensure that you are reaching your customers with relevant information when it matters most.

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Automated Scheduler

Deliver your messages on a specific date and time.

Message Templates

Create templates for frequently used messages so that you don’t have to create them each time.


Integrate SMS marketing directly into your existing application or system.

Keyword Manager

Easily add new words and manage those that are active or inactive.

Triggered Messages

Setup messages for delivery based on a specific action or event such as delivery or appointment reminders.

Mobile Number Verification

Verifies mobile numbers carrier designation to lower sending costs and ensure TCPA compliance.

List Manager

Send relevant content by segmenting your subscriber-base by creating lists.


See how many total subscriber confirmations, PURL clicks or opt-outs a program generated.

The Effectiveness of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an extremely effective marketing channel. According to Venture Beat, the open rate of text message marketing is 98%. Some other benefits of SMS marketing include:

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Audience Reach

95% of the U.S. population owns a mobile device with SMS capability.


There’s a minimal investment that you have to make, unlike other marketing channels.

Direct Engagement

Content immediately reaches your subscribers at the precise time you want it to.

High Open Rates

On average, text messages get read within 4 minutes of delivery.


Tailor your content to meet your subscribers specific interests and needs.


Know how your program is performing from the number of opt-in subscribers.

Discover the Magic of Our SMS Marketing Platform

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