Boost the performance of your restaurant with mobile marketing solutions that stimulate appetites.

Customers need to be continuously engaged so that they keep picking your restaurant over endless new and upcoming local culinary talent. If you remain top-of-mind, you’ll create more sales, but you have to elevate dining experiences with the help of mobile marketing. From engaging promotions to QR code menus to SMS updates on reservations, restaurants have diverse mobile marketing opportunities.

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Build deeper relationships with your patrons

When your customers aren’t enjoying your restaurant, they aren’t thinking about you. It’s time to change that with mobile marketing that finds your customers and engages them in ways and on the devices they love.


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Boost restaurant traffic with coupons

To get hungry customers returning repeatedly, use game-like elements that give them rewards and keep your business top-of-mind. Coupons are the perfect way to remind customers of your value with relevance, right on time for maximum impact.

Let customers easily redeem your contactless coupons via self-redemption, QR codes or POS integration.

Make loyalty entertaining for diners

When rewarding repeat purchases, loyalty is easier to achieve and increase across your entire customer base. Enable your customers to easily connect to your program via a mobile site or app and get rewarded how they like best. Even when customers order food with points, they’re an easy upsell. Remain competitive by meeting consumers’ expectations with a loyalty program that provides immediate benefits, amazing experiences and provides all-device access. 

Loyalty App Points Example

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Elevate your restaurant brand and diner experience

Not only does experience inside your restaurant matter, but it also matters outside. That is why a mobile app is essential to elevate your restaurant brand. A powerful tool, a mobile app provides many benefits for increasing sales and strengthening diner retention with features such as loyalty, proximity engagement, online ordering, reservations, and payments.

Stay competitive with convenient, fast and secure technology

What type of payment methods do you accept? Cash, credit cards, or checks? Today's consumers expect mobile payments, which offer a convenient, fast, and secure way to check out. We provide a new generation of contactless payments that includes loyalty in a single secure transaction. If you aren't accepting contactless payments, you may miss out on opportunities to make more money, enhance the dining experience, and gather valuable diner insights.

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Woman scanning a QR code to access the restaurant menu

Deliver diners an interactive experience they'll appreciate

A growing number of restaurants have embraced QR codes for contactless menus; however, there's so much more you can use QR Codes for. From making reservations online, adding their name to the waitlist, accessing coupons, joining your loyalty program, and online ordering, diners can scan QR codes to interact with many touchpoints of your restaurant. It's easy, convenient, and offers quick access to the content your diners want.

Gain real-time insights into your diners and marketing efforts

Most restaurant owners have no insight into diner behavior beyond basics like how often and how much they spend. Without connecting to your diners when they’re outside of your restaurant, you won’t see them as much inside of it. Real-time data from SMS opt-in/outs, URL clicks, return visits, dwell times, registrations, device types, and more creates a complete picture of diner behavior. 

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