Proximity Marketing Platform

Effectively Reach Consumers at the Right Place and Right Time.

Take advantage of our proximity marketing platform’s integrated toolsets to create real-time opportunities to connect and engage with your consumers at a specific time and place. You can easily create, initiate and manage your proximity campaigns from a single portal.

example of proximity marketing notifications

Push Notifications

Send automated, personalized and timely content to customers nearby or in your location.

Beacon Management

Easily register and manage beacons for all your locations.

Geofence Boundaries

Define a virtual boundary around a location so when a mobile device enters or exits a message gets triggered


Integrate proximity to your existing application using our complete iOS and Android developer kits

Privacy & Security

Employs up-to-date security technologies to prevent security breaches and maintain data integrity.


Track visits, foot traffic, dwell times, campaign performance, redemptions and other critical data for enhancing the consumer experience.

The Power of Proximity Marketing

Proximity is a powerful and versatile marketing tool. With it, you can make real changes in influencing consumer behavior with the right content at the right place and right time.

proximity marketing notification illustration

Consumer Registration

Delivering tailored content based on a consumer’s preferences and location provides recognition and helps build long-lasting loyalty.

Right-size Solution

Doesn’t matter whether your business is small, medium or large, proximity fits the marketing needs of any size business.

Monitor Performance and Improve Campaigns

Real-time data allows you to monitor campaign performance and make modifications to achieve optimum results.

Higher Conversion Rates

Target offers based on proximity have shown to have higher conversion rates.

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