Leverage Contactless Coupons

During this pandemic and after, contactless coupons are going to grow in popularity since a majority of the public has concerns over physical surfaces. Now is the perfect opportunity for businesses to have an alternative to print coupons.


Automated Scheduler

Plan your coupons rollout for exactly the right time.


Spur sales by sending coupons to customers who are nearby or in your store.

Contactless Redemption

Minimize unnecessary contact by using contactless redemption to validate, track, and prevent fraud.

Coupon Publisher

Let our Wizard easily guide you through creating and publishing coupons.

Category Organizer

Assign coupons to specific categories making them easier for your consumers to find.

Real-Time Reporting

Get vital information about how your campaign is doing, while it’s still in progress.

Customized Links and Codes

Individualize coupons with PURLs and redemption codes.

Map and Directions

Consumers can find the nearest location to use their coupons.


Deliver your offers via SMS, proximity, a mobile app or website.

The Power of Contactless Coupons

With many businesses banning paper coupons, it’s no wonder many are moving to contactless offers to minimize physical contact and the spread of COVID-19. Contactless offers are immediate and engaging, which drive customer loyalty.



You won’t break the bank by hiring someone to build an entirely new mobile coupon system.

High Redemption Rates

An increasing number of customers seek out and use mobile coupons.


Discover how customers are reacting to your campaign, as it happens.


Mobile coupons cut down significantly on paper waste.

24/7 Consumer Accessibility

All your customers need to access your coupons is a mobile device.


Customize your coupons’ to meet your customers’ specific interests and needs.


Deliver offers precisely when your customers need them.

Discover the Magic of Our Mobile Coupon Platform

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