Mobile Engagement Channels

Consumer engagement is critical to your success

Engage consumers with personalized location-aware messaging to improve customer experience, boost retention rates, build lasting customer relationships, and more!

Example of mobile engagement

Revolutionize the Way You Communicate

Influence consumer behavior by sending the right content, at the right time and through the right channel.

In-app Notifications

In-app notifications allow you to to interact with consumers who are using your app allowing you to make engagment a top priority.

These notifications are a great way to provide users valuable information, introduce new features, or ask them to rate your app. Since you can track user activity within the app, tailor notifications to target groups based on their actions.

This can help increase both engagement and conversion rates.

EZrewards inapp notification

Example of a push notification

Proximity Notifications

Leverage technologies that use location-based data to provide customers with highly contextual messages. Customers will receive these messages on the home screen of their mobile devices based on their location when they are in or near your business. This enables real-time opportunities to connect and engage.

The goal is to influence consumer behavior by sending the right content at the right time and place.

Beacon or Geofence Technology

Beacon and geofence technologies complement one another, allowing you to promote personalized products and services within a virtual boundary.

Beacons allow for more accurate, precise location pinpointing, making beacons ideal for indoor applications. For example, a beacon can activate and send a targeted notification when a consumer enters a specific aisle.

Geofencing targets a broader range, making it an excellent option for outdoor spaces. With geofencing, you can define a boundary so that when a customer enters that area, it triggers a message.

SMS Marketing

94% of text messages are read so why not leverage it to better communicate with consumer.

SMS marketing is a direct channel that allows you to communicate with consumers in a one-to-one interaction. Once customers opt-in to your program, you can then send them relevant, personalized content such as reminders, coupons, delivery information, and more.

AMS SMS message marketing

WiFi Registration

WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing is another excellent opportunity for engaging consumers and generating more revenue. In fact, an OnDevice Research survey found that 74% of consumers are happy for businesses to send promos, discounts, or incentives via SMS or email while using in-store WiFi.

You can turn WiFi into an engagement and marketing tool to heighten the consumer experience and boost revenue.

The Benefits of Mobile Engagement

Stronger, longlasting relationships

Increase in read rates

Higher conversion rates

Competitive Edge

Personalized consumer experiences

Real-time analytics

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