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Harness the power of personalized, location-aware messaging to enrich customer experiences, amplify retention rates, foster lasting customer relationships, and open a realm of possibilities for your brand. Uncover the potential of authentic connections and embark on your journey towards success today.

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Impact consumer behavior by delivering precisely tailored content, precisely when and where it matters most.

Email drag and drop editor

Email: Capture Your Audience's Attention

Elevate your email marketing strategy with our powerful tools designed to captivate your audience. Our email builder simplifies the process, offering intuitive drag-and-drop functionality alongside advanced features like personalization and segmentation. Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, our platform empowers you to create data-driven, hyper-targeted emails that resonate with your audience and drive results. Explore our suite of automated workflows and triggers to streamline your campaigns and maximize impact.

Example of in-app notification on a smartphone

In-App Notifications: Keep Consumers Engaged

In-app notifications empower you to engage with active app users, making interaction a paramount focus. These notifications serve as a valuable avenue to deliver important information, introduce novel features, or solicit user feedback and app ratings.

Leveraging insights from user app activity, customize notifications to specific user groups, aligning with their behaviors. This strategic approach holds the potential to elevate both engagement and conversion rates, fueling your app's success.

Example of a push notification

Proximity Notifications: A Dynamic Engagement Approach

Harness cutting-edge technologies that leverage location-based data to deliver hyper-contextual messages to your customers. These messages appear on the home screen of their mobile devices when they're either within or in close proximity to your business location. This real-time connection paves the way for instant engagement opportunities.

The ultimate aim is to shape consumer behavior by delivering precisely relevant content at the precise moment and place.

Beacon and Geofence Synergy

The seamless integration of beacon and geofence technologies presents a powerful toolkit for promoting personalized products and services within distinct virtual boundaries.

Beacons excel in accurate, pinpoint location targeting, making them ideal for indoor applications. For instance, a beacon can activate and send a tailored notification as a customer steps into a specific aisle.

On the other hand, geofencing casts a broader net, making it an exceptional choice for outdoor spaces. Through geofencing, you can define a designated area where customer entry triggers a personalized message, maximizing engagement opportunities.

AMS SMS message marketing

SMS Marketing: Powering Personalized Connections

Seize the potential of SMS marketing, where an impressive 94% of text messages are read, offering a potent avenue to enhance consumer communication.

This direct channel facilitates one-to-one interactions, enabling you to establish personalized connections with consumers. Upon opting into your program, customers open the door to receiving pertinent, tailor-made content. From reminders and coupons to delivery updates and beyond, SMS marketing empowers you to deliver relevant information, nurturing meaningful interactions and fostering lasting engagement.

WiFi Registration

WiFi Marketing: Unlock the Potential

WiFi marketing presents a remarkable avenue for driving consumer engagement and increasing revenue. A survey by OnDevice Research revealed that a significant 74% of consumers welcome businesses sending promotions, discounts, or incentives via SMS or email while connected to in-store WiFi.

Transform WiFi into a dynamic engagement and marketing tool, enhancing the consumer experience and propelling revenue growth. Leverage this powerful strategy to connect with your audience, deliver value, and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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