Mobile Marketing for Events

Draw in the perfect attendees, enhance their experience, and attain comprehensive success.

In the current landscape, events hold greater appeal for audiences than ever. Attendees seek entertainment, relaxation, business opportunities, and networking. Seize the chance to captivate your audience, provide an immersive experience, cultivate loyalty, and gather valuable insights through data collection. Don't let the potential slip away – maximize your event's impact, ensuring satisfaction, engagement, and strategic growth.

Event engagement brings it alive

Throughout your event, many opportunities arise to connect with your attendees. Most event managers let these slip away because they don't have a robust mobile marketing platform to capitalize on each. Our messaging tech optimizes your event by capturing engagement on every channel, from proximity marketing to email, SMS, and WiFi marketing. Establish a unique bond with your attendees and transcend low-engagement events.

Diverse people at a business convention looking at their mobile phones.

Man at convention looking at mobile coupon on his phone.

Learn and grow with coupons

Coupons influence attendees to make purchases, and when they do, we help you collect the data your event needs to grow. Ensure you acquire a more extensive audience each time you host an event. Quickly deploy and redeem offers across any channel your attendees enjoy.

Give attendees another beneficial reason to return.

Give attendees another beneficial reason to return.
Attendees need your events to deliver value if they're going to return. While you already do this by ensuring each event is incredible, we can help you increase relevance and engagement with perks and points attendees can earn towards rewards at your venue or online.

Hand holding mobile phone to show loyalty points

Person scanning aQR code.

Deliver an innovative and seamless experience

From faster registration and check-in, easy access to event info and marketing content, contactless payments, and more, QR codes give your event the competitive edge it needs by creating a more engaging and memorable experience for attendees while helping you collect essential data, achieve business goals, improve efficiency, and streamline operations.

Learn from your past events

Make your next event even better by learning your attendees' demographics and behaviors to put your future efforts into optimal results. We provide many data points, just a few of them being URL clicks, SMS opt-ins and outs, return visits, device types, and coupon redemptions. Let us help you target ideal attendees, and reduce churn and wasted marketing spend.

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