August 31 2015

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing

There are over 140 million people using their smartphones to look up information about local businesses, and mobile marketing, via text, mobile apps, on-the-go coupons, and other tools, is quickly building a reputation for delivering results. Results that include a near 100% read rate and average a 12% redemption rate – that’s more than four times the rate of direct mail, print advertising, and e-mail.

Most importantly, mobile marketing works for nearly all business types, it’s affordable, and it’s measurable – meaning it produces results that you can really see and feel in your bottom line.

Still not sure your business will benefit from mobile marketing? Consider these stats:

It’s a lot of data, but it boils down to this: mobile is a great way to promote products, deliver coupons, survey customers for their opinions, execute rewards programs, and provide up-to-date news to drive repeat sales.

Still not convinced mobile is effective? Let us show you. Call us today at 866.631.5773 or fill out our contact request form, and our mobile marketing experts will set up a test to help you determine the best way to utilize mobile in your business.

Thinking About Getting Started with Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing 101 Thinking About Getting Started with Mobile Marketing?Start here. Mobile Marketing Lessons to Help Grow Your Business



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