August 27 2015

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

Right now, all over the world, companies big and small are using mobile to enhance their marketing strategies because it allows the delivery of relevant marketing messages that help brands stand out in the minds of customers.

Mobile marketing is a whole new paradigm, It’s not about static advertising or insincere messages, its about connecting with consumers in a way that they welcome. It is an opportunity for you to personally engage with consumers by providing timely content that provides a benefit to their life.

Beyond the direct connection to customers, mobile marketing benefits you by providing effective ways to:

  • Establish and Retain Customer Loyalty
  • Send Highly Personalized, Relevant and Timely Content
  • Drives Store Visits and Increase Sales
  • Create Multi-Channel Interactive Campaigns
  • Increase Conversion Rates by 15% to 20 %
  • Increase redemption rates by up to 12% over Traditional Media
  • Heighten Brand Awareness

Businesses realize that consumers choose mobile as their preferred communication channel. They are also realizing that they must adopt mobile technology to stay connected with their customers. Mobile can be integrated in many different aspects of your strategies. From an app, coupons, SMS marketing, loyalty points and perks programs, mobile payments, and proximity marketing, mobile marketing offers you ways to connect, engage and convert consumers into long-lasting customers. 

You’re likely realizing this too, or you wouldn’t be here right now. So schedule a consultation with our mobile marketing experts to have a meaningful conversation about how mobile can work for you by giving us a call today at 866.631.5773 or filling out our contact request form.


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