August 27 2015

QR Code Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Considering taking the dive into QR Code marketing? Before doing anything else, it’s important that you research your latest audience demographics to know if they are potential scanners (or not). The information published by comScore Mobilens may provide you with these insights. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the QR code marketing tips for small business just getting started.

Mobile-friendly Content

You must ensure that any content delivered in response to a QR code scan is optimized for mobile devices. If consumers are using their mobile device, they expect the content to be mobile-friendly. If it’s not, chances are they won’t be scanning your codes again.

Relevant Content

Consumers scan QR codes because they want your content, so make sure that you develop content relevant to your targeted audience.

Give Directions

While many consumers have scanned a QR Code, there are always newbies. So add instructions above or below your QR Code placement on how to scan the code.

Not too Small

The size you use really depends on where you intend to post your code. So to give a very wide range, it shouldn’t be too much smaller than 1″X1″ and can be as big as needed for a billboard, truck or even the side of a building.

Test QR Code

Test with multiple devices & apps too! And don’t forget to test the site where you plan to post the QR code, like a bus or train terminal, to ensure there is cell coverage. Otherwise, if users can’t scan, it’s wasted time and money.

Track Scans

Ensure that you can track scans. Understanding the scan results will help you to know if it is a successful campaign or if you need to refine the campaign content or change the placement of the code.


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