June 21 2023

Ways Mobile Marketing Benefits SMBs

Mobile marketing isn't just for big companies with unlimited budgets. Affordable options such as Mobilozophy's Mobile Marketing Platform exist that SMBs can license to add mobile into their marketing strategy to engage consumers at the right place and time to build deeper relationships and grow their business.

While most SMBs use social for most of their marketing efforts, they are missing out on communicating with consumers across other channels. Mobile marketing offers many formats for easy and effective engagement.


Build deeper relationships with consumers.

Through mobile engagement such as email, push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, or WiFi, SMBs can engage consumers with personalized and timely messaging to improve customer experience, boost retention rates, build lasting customer relationships, and more! With a mobile marketing platform, it's easy to create, 

Incentivize consumers beyond purchases.

How about digitalizing that loyalty program you have in place? Instead of sticking with that old printed punch card or plastic keychain card, make it possible for your customers to earn and redeem their rewards via your mobile app. The result? Happy customers that frequent your business in-store or online and make more purchases. And don't worry about building an expensive mobile app; you can white-label Mobilozophy's loyalty app.

Attain and retain customers, sell more, and drive brand awareness.

Give a little to get a lot in the long run. Coupons create a feedback loop that keeps consumers returning. With so many competing businesses, it takes promotions to generate repeat visits and purchases. Highly relevant and timely delivery means redemption rates soar. And with QR code and self-redemption processes, you collect critical transactional data to analyze what offers work and which doesn't.

Transform static content into interactive media.

Create an opportunity for consumers to interact with your brand's content anytime, anywhere! Placed on your marketing materials, QR Codes can immediately connect your consumers to relevant content such as videos, directions, click-to-call phone numbers, social media pages, and much more. If used properly, QR Codes can help bridge the online/offline gap and draw more people to your content. This communication, in turn, leads to increased sales and customer engagement.

Understand your consumers like never before.

Track visits, foot traffic, dwell times, campaign performance, redemptions, and other critical data for enhancing the consumer experience. Data points include dwell times, registrations, SMS opt-ins/outs, URL clicks, coupon redemptions, return visits, and device types.

As you can see, there are many mobile marketing tools for SMBs to heighten their marketing strategy by going mobile. Regardless of your marketing plan, adding the mobile component is imperative to maximize your efforts without blowing your budget.


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