Mobile Marketing Platform

Making Your Mobile Marketing Initiatives Efficient and Effective

Whether you’re looking to reach more mobile users, increase engagement, or influence purchasing decisions, mzCONNECT is for you.

mzConnect Mobile Marketing Platform

The Mobile Marketing Software

A single platform built combining mobile technologies for marketers to engage with audiences in a personalized and timely manner through mobile channels for improving experience and boosting loyalty.

Mobile Coupons

Deliver personalized offers at the right time – at the point of checkout – to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

QR Codes

Provide a safe contactless experience for your consumers using QR codes to access your branded content quickly.

Consumer Engagement

Connect and engage consumers by sending timely and personalized messaging based on consumers' location or automated triggered events.

Mobile Coupon Redemption

Redeem mobile coupons and track their effectiveness using one of our mobile coupon redemption solutions.

SMS Marketing

Keep subscribers directly informed with SMS alerts, notifications, reminders, delivery updates and more.

Proximity Marketing

Create real-time experiences by sending tailored messages based on a consumer’s location.


Build loyalty programs that incentivize members with perks or points for maximizing experience and establishing long-term loyalty.


Track and analyze all campaign activity in real-time.

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