One Platform for Your Mobile Marketing Initiatives

Built as a software-as-service-platform, our mobile marketing platform is integrated with mobile technologies for deploying SMS, mobile websites, mobile coupons and proximity marketing.

mzconnect mobile marketing platform

Scalable Cloud Computing Environment


Accommodates High Volume Traffic

License a One or All Capabilities

Available APIs and SDKS

Making It Simple

Easily create, deploy and manage a variety of campaigns all from a single source.


Easily create, send, and manage your SMS marketing campaigns

Mobile Websites

DIY option for building a single landing page or a complete mobile website.

Mobile Coupons

Create and redeem mobile coupons for a variety of mobile channels.

Mobile Coupon Redemption

Redeem mobile coupons and track their effectiveness using our mobile coupon redemption solutions.

QR Codes

Use QR Codes to instantly connect consumers to relevant and engaging content.

Proximity Marketing

Connect & engage with consumers at a specific time and place with proximity marketing.

Discover the Magic of Mobile Marketing

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