August 1 2015

How Retailers Are Benefiting from Location Based Marketing

Location data is everywhere. It’s embedded in our smartphones, the GPS-enabled apps we use, the photos we share, and the online transactions we make. And, today, consumers are more willing than ever to share their location data with brands in exchange for more personalized content.

While location-based mobile marketing is a fairly new concept, retailers can see tremendous benefits when they combine physical-store experience with smartphone data.

How Location Based Marketing Works

Location-based mobile marketing is a marketing practice whereby brand advertisers focus their advertising efforts, usually by using GPS technology, on people within certain preferences and locations. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons are placed at the retailer’s locations and shoppers nearby, or inside the store are served relevant content such as special offers, deals, or events.

With location-based marketing, brands can craft personalized and interactive real-time experiences or use historical proximity information to target future campaigns. Knowing precisely which parts of the store someone browses can be crucial to your marketing success.

For example, retailers can utilize location technology to help shoppers locate products on their shopping lists or serve up special messages for in-store shoppers. Location based marketing is also great for it’s ability to attract new customers and connect at the most critical moment: while they are near your store. The messages can be anything from promoting particular brands to a new product promotion.

Benefits of Location-Based Marketing:
Location based marketing services provided by Mobilozophy allow retailers to capture customer data such as dwell times, traffic patterns, shopping behavior, phone information and much more; building highly targeted content and maximum campaign success.

Permission-based. One of the greatest benefits to retailers is that location- based marketing is permission based. Users need to opt-in to receive the information, giving the retailer permission to push content. Once the consumer opts-in, they will begin receiving your content, which they can post to a social network, forward to a friend via text message and/or redeem at the point of purchase.

Hyper-Targeted: Location-based marketing directly targets customers who are in your direct vicinity. This means you are attracting attention from people who have a higher probability of visiting your store. You have control over the time, message, and interaction.

How Retailers Can Get Started with Location-Based Marketing

A user’s location can provide valuable insight into a consumer’s shopping habits and intention. The opportunity to engage the consumer at such a critical time is what makes location-based marketing so exciting and rewarding for many retailers. Location based marketing and beacon technology is rapidly expanding. With the right technology partner proximity marketing is easier to manage than you might expect.

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