Reseller Wifi Marketing Solution

Turn WiFi Hotspots into a revenue generator

Start your own business or add another revenue stream to your existing offerings by branding our white-label marketing platform.

WiFi Guest Marketing

A Robust Platform 

Depending on your business objectives, you have the option of simply selling WiFi marketing or a complete marketing automation solution.

White-label Marketing Platform

Keep brand consistency with your logo, domain name and links to your legal terms.

Access Points

Connect high-performance and reliable access points from Ubiquiti or Aruba.

Coupon Publisher

Attract and retain customers by delivering relevant and timely coupons across multiple mobile channels and track their effectiveness using one of our redemption solutions.

QR Code Generator

Provide consumers contactless experiences using QR codes to instantly access content.

Cloud Console

Easily set up and manage Ubquiti or Aruba Access Points.

Wifi Analytics

Valuable real-time customer behavioral and demographic data such as contact info, devices, dwell time, peak visiting hours and days, and return rates.

Messaging Center

Send personalized scheduled or triggered  interactions based on behaviors or location through email, in-app messaging, push notifications, and SMS.

Campaign Reporting

Get real-time customer activity data such as loyalty registrations, coupon redemptions, SMS opt-in/outs, URL clicks, and much more.

Branded Splash Page

Quickly register and authorize customers onto your WiFi network while capturing important first-party data.

Client Management

Quickly set up clients by importing location information and assigning roles to grant clients and their employees' access to specific functions in the portal.

Loyalty Manager

Build loyalty programs that incentivize members with perks or points for maximizing experience and establishing long-term loyalty


With multiple language support, you can sell in countries across the world.

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