Contactless Redemption Solutions

Taking Redemption to the Next Level

Redeem mobile coupons generated with Mobilozophy’s coupon platform and track their effectiveness using one of our contactless coupon redemption solutions. Through our redemption options, you’ll gain important consumer insights that help to improve targeting and strengthen campaigns over time.

Contactless Redemption for Keeping Consumers and Staff Safe

With consumers concerned with touching surfaces or objects such as paper and cash, now is the time to offer touchless experiences such as contactless redemption.

QR Codes

QR codes offer a quick and safe way for consumers to redeem mobile coupons and helps you track individual customers’ purchasing habits and much more.

Contactless QR Code Mobile Coupon Redemption

Self Redemption

In 3 easy clicks, users can redeem coupons eliminating the need for any physical exchange between themselves and your staff.

Mobile Coupon Contactless Self Redemption

Contactless Coupon Redemption Features

Our contactless solutions provide many benefits such as:

Faster Transaction Times

Safe way for consumers to use coupons

Consumer convenience and ease of use

Inexpensive options for small-medium size companies

Fraud Prevention

Real-time redemption analytics

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