December 10 2015

Using Mobile Loyalty Programs to Drive Business

Customer loyalty programs have become a staple in the American business model over the past two decades. They range from free products to points programs to discounts on items like gas and travel.

Loyalty programs are a great way to build a returning customer base and an even better way to get people talking about your business.  And when you add mobile to the mix, companies can fine-tune their programs to produce differentiation and increased profit margins. 

Mobile loyalty campaigns are the most widely used and the most effective type of mobile campaign, as ranked by marketers. – 2015 State of Marketing 2015 – SalesForce

How a Mobile Loyalty Program Works:


Your loyalty/rewards program is accessible through a mobile app. If a mobile app has already been developed for your company, you could integrate the information using an SDK.


Some mobile loyalty programs, like those found on the mzConnect platform, allow you to create different “rewards” for different customers. You can even personalize offers based on the time of day, location and past purchases. Use this data to create a more personalized experience and incentivize valuable activities including purchases, check-ins, and social sharing.  A personalized reward is more appealing because it offers the customer something they really want and will work to get it.


Mobile loyalty programs work because people don’t leave their phones in a drawer at home, like those traditional reward cards. You can also choose to use in-app redemption or fully integrated options that sync with POS transaction data.

Targeted Reach

Engage your most loyal customers both inside and outside of the store through a variety of push notifications and offers.


Taking your loyalty program mobile means you can collect a lot more live data than you can with a traditional loyalty card. Integrated mobile loyalty programs precisely measure the results of every campaign from first engagement to purchase, giving you better insight into what’s working and why.

As you can see, linking technology and data will help you create a loyalty program designed to increase credibility, loyalty and ensure that you’re not giving away margin unnecessarily.


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