October 13 2015

6 Reasons to Use Mobile Coupon Marketing to Grow Your Business

Coupon campaigns have been used by brands since 1887, with the launch of the first ever paper coupon by Coca Cola!

While today’s consumers still enjoy a great bargain, the way they find and redeem those deals have changed. Shoppers now spend less time clipping and more time clicking! Most merchants and brands make extensive use of this mobile marketing tool both to attract new customers and reward customer loyalty.

According to FactShopper.com, 39% of shoppers who receive personalized coupons, promotions, or recommendations while shopping in-store spend more.

Mobile coupon marketing has a number of significant advantages over their tradtional paper counterparts:


It’s no secret smartphone owners bring their handsets just about everywhere they go. Mobile shoppers like to use their devices for in-store activities, including redeeming coupons. There is no need to print, clip, or store pieces of paper.


Mobile coupons help eliminate the costs associated with the distribution and processing of paper coupons. But the cost benefits do not stop there – the distribution of coupons takes on an entirely new mindset. Digital coupons also solve an ongoing problem with paper-based coupons, which cost companies millions and, possibly, billions of dollars per year. And that is fraud.


The validation and redemption of digital coupons is typically quicker and more accurate than that of the paper coupon. Additionally, if you are a retailer accepting brand coupons, the settlement process is likely to be faster and more accurate than is the case with traditional paper coupons, enabling merchants to receive payment from brands within agreed terms and on-time.

Data Collection

Mobile coupons can also enable merchants and brands to collect more complete, timely and accurate information on specific customers, leading to a better understanding of those customers and the potential to build a direct relationship.

Social Influence

Creating digital/mobile coupons that can be easily shared with friends is essential for a successful digital coupon campaign. Social Times cites that 28% of digital coupon users share coupons using a social media site, meaning that your digital coupons are being seen by more than just the people who sign up for them. Allowing easy sharing access will only drive more customers into your store, thereby driving your sales.


Mobile gives you the flexibility to offer specials and discounts on certain days and times or date ranges. Those extra shopping trips can equate to a boost in your annual sales while ensuring customer loyalty at the same time.

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