March 9 2016

Mobile Marketing Reseller Options: Which is Right for Your Agency?

Within the past few years, there has been an influx of options to reach potential consumers via mobile networks. In fact, Salesforce notes that 68% of companies have already integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. SMS messaging, mobile websites, location-based offers and mobile coupons are proving to be valuable solution to reach the customers that would have otherwise, been virtually unreachable.

With users spending more time on mobile devices than ever before, it only makes sense that advertising and marketing agencies would want to include mobile in the mix. However, adopting a new service isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’re new to mobile marketing. Luckily, there are several mobile marketing reseller options available that make this transition a seamless process.

Referral Programs

A referral program is a great way to introduce mobile marketing strategies to your clients without stressing over logistics or technical knowledge.

How it Works:

Referral partners are typically paid a commission on every referral that leads to a sale. Because pricing is set by the mobile software provider (MSP), commissions are easy to estimate. Smaller companies prefer to offer their clients mobile marketing solutions via referral program because it allows them to offer new services and increase revenue without any monetary commitment or resource requirement.

Who it’s For:

Referral programs are great for smaller agencies who wish to offer their clients a mobile solution without a commitment of dollars, support or service.

White Label Solutions

White label reselling options are best for companies who prefer to offer mobile marketing software under their own brand and set their own pricing.

How it Works:

When an agency becomes a white label partner, they preset the mobile marketing software as their own and rely on the guidance and one-on-one training from the MSP. One of the greatest attractions to while label programs is the ability to customize pricing and features and keep 100% of the revenue. With support and access to partner tools, agencies who become white label resellers are able to offer mobile marketing campaigns seamlessly and essentially become a “full service” provider.

Who it’s For:

White label options are best suited for marketing and advertising agencies who have the staff and experience to manage accounts, but lack a platform to manage their mobile marketing campaigns. While agencies see greater rewards when they white label mobile marketing services, it also requires more of a time commitment than other programs. Because of this it’s not recommended for start-ups or smaller service providers.

Mobile Marketing Channel Partners/ Value Added Resellers (VAR)

A Channel Partner/VARs are solution providers. This program is a great option for companies who want to take an existing mobile marketing product and add their own “value” to it before selling it. This value can be in the form of professional consulting services, custom development, hardware, industry expertise, specialized services, complementary applications, etc.

How it Works:

Channel partners/VARs sell mobile marketing services but leverage the MSP’s background and expertise to support end-customers. This is often the preferred choice for many agencies because it offers the best of both worlds. Mobile marketing channel partners co-brand their efforts with the MSP and benefit from the collective traffic. In this situation agency clients purchase directly from the MSP. Since on-boarding is taken care of by the MSP, your agency doesn’t have to worry about producing all the necessary collateral materials or documentation.

Who it’s For:

Agencies should consider the Channel Partner/VAR option when they’re truly looking for a co-branded partnership with a mobile marketing company. This is a great choice for mid-sized agencies because they’re able to leverage additional resources while increasing the value to the client.

Mobile Marketing Developer/Technology Partners

Developer/Technology partner programs make it possible to integrate mobile marketing APIs and SDKs into your current systems and applications.

How it Works:

As a Developer/Technology partner you’ll get access to new technologies and support resources that enable you to develop third-party applications through software integration, API usage, or a custom created solution, which you can then monetize in the marketplace. With this type of partnership, your company can bring new technology to market quickly and control the entire branding experience.

Who it’s For:

Developer/Technology partnerships are best suited for software and hardware vendors or agencies who are equipped to offer an array application options.

Selecting the Right Mobile Marketing Reseller Options

Overall, selecting the perfect reseller option largely depends on the intent and the composition of the agency. While one option may be the best option monetarily, you may find that, due to the nature of the tasks in relation to the manpower you have available, it’s not worth the hassle. On the flip side, one option that may seem a bit too easy or general may be exactly what you need to help build your customer. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll have a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions, sales tools, training, and support to grow and scale your agency.


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