November 1 2015

Measuring the Value of a Mobile Subscriber

One of the most important values to understand with a business is the value of a customer. This piece of information allows you to adjust marketing to be more efficient, provides insight into trends, and can help you increase your bottom line.

In physical and online stores, finding that value is a somewhat simple market research question. But for mobile businesses, figuring out the value can be rather difficult. You may not necessarily have concrete marketing numbers, and you may not know where a specific user originated.

But these issues don’t diminish the importance of measuring the value of your mobile subscribers, it just makes it a bit more difficult to determine.

One great way of measuring the value of mobile subscribers is by offering a quick and easy survey. Partnering a system like this with a small reward — perhaps a small percentage off next month’s subscription, or a code so a friend can get a free trial — provides a great incentive for participation, and can be changed around to address potential subscribers, current subscribers, or both.

Another wonderful option for measuring the value is through third party analytics apps. King here, as they are throughout much of the web, is Google with their Mobile Analytics for Applications program.

Much like its sister for the internet, Google’s Mobile Analytics for applications delves into what users do while using your app, as well as things like in-app purchases and subscriptions to help you figure out how to target the right audience.

By gathering the right information, you can put yourself on a wonderful path to measuring the value of a mobile subscriber, and allowing yourself to capitalize on that information to help your bottom line.

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