June 11 2016

Don’t Silo Your Marketing – Synergize Your Marketing Channels

It’s common for businesses to make mistakes in their effort to grow. It’s normally a good idea for businesses to specialize in a single area, because when a company spreads itself too thin, they become poor at doing everything.

On the other hand, there is always a danger of becoming so narrow that there is not a sufficient pool of customers to support the company. A similar dynamic comes into play when pursuing marketing options, and that is why it is so important for companies to pursue a multichannel marketing strategy.

Every approach to marketing is intended to attract customer attention to what a business has to offer, which should ultimately drive sales. The best place to start is to consider what channels are most likely to reach the target market for your products or services.

For example, while newspaper advertising can be very economical, it is not very likely to be a good way of attracting the attention of Millenials. However, social media and mobile would be excellent channels to connect and engage your brand with that particular group.

Multichannel Marketing

It is key to remember is, there is no single channel that reaches every demographic. Everyone comes into contact with a variety of marketing channels over the course of their day. Multichannel marketing helps ensure that a company is being perceived as trustworthy and establishes branding. It also gives consumers the convenience of choosing how they want to engage with a brand on their own terms.

People vary in their level of comfort with different channels. For example, very young people as a group now rely on texting over phone calls when they want to communicate with their friends. On the other hand, some people in older demographics do not feel comfortable texting, so they would prefer to receive your content via traditional media. When your marketing strategy leverages multiple channels, you’re reaching the widest possible variety of consumers.

Synergize the effects of different channels by adding calls-to-actions such as a Web URL, quick response (QR )code, social media links, and text to shortcode.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technologies really bring all of the facets of multichannel marketing together. Only the rise of mobile communications has made it possible for consumers to take immediate action after seeing a call-to-action on a print ad, TV commercial, signage or other medium. It also gives you unprecedented instant access to consumers. You can instantly send out text coupons or alerts to opt-in consumers based on their location. This turns your multichannel marketing strategy into a real opportunity for you to connect, engage and convert consumers.


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