March 3 2016

Does Cross-Channel Marketing Matter?

Multi-channel marketing may sound complicated, but it is really a simple concept that involves advertising through different mediums like mobile, television, print and online campaigns. The principle of never putting all of your eggs in one basket is at the heart of multi-channel marketing, which distributes your marketing efforts across multiple platforms to maximize your reach. Consider these key benefits to discover why cross-channel marketing should matter to your business.


Cross-channel marketing allows you to deliver a consistently branded message across multiple channels. Each channel offers its own unique set of benefits and helps you reach more potential customers in an effective way.

Some of the channels you can use include:

  • PPC
  • Website
  • Retail stores
  • Direct mail
  • Catalogs
  • Mobile
  • Television
  • Video

Channels that Work Well Together

MediaPost released a report earlier this year that examined the most frequent media pairings for adults age 18-64.

The most popular multi-channel marketing pairings were:

  • Computer / Mobile
  • TV / Mobile
  • Computer / TV
  • Radio / Mobile
  • Computer / Radio

While Computer / Mobile was the most popular pairing during work hours (9am – 5pm), TV / Mobile rises ahead in the evening (5pm – 11pm).

The strength of mobile within the various device combinations is a reflection not only of it’s ubiquity but of the multiplicity of functions.


According to a Mashable survey, 72 percent of consumers admit that they prefer integrated marketing strategies that unify a brand through multiple channels. From social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to billboard campaigns and mobile marketing, consumers respond well to brands with widespread recognition. Another study by PWD found that 65 percent of consumers shop on at least two different channels. An impressive 21 percent use five or more channels to make their purchases. These numbers demonstrate the importance of establishing a presence on multiple channels to reach consumers through advertising and provide merchant services as well.


Convenience is a requirement when it comes to modern shopping. Consumers expect to be able to access content on every device, which means that single-channel advertising eliminates a significant portion of your audience. The global market has changed significantly from what it was ten years ago. In fact, mobile users now dominate the internet with a usage rate of 51 percent compared to 42 percent for desktop users.

Consumer Benefits

One of the most appealing aspects of cross-channel marketing is that it allows you to deliver more benefits to consumers through the unique capabilities of each channel. SMS messaging lets you alert consumers to time-sensitive deals and events while mobile coupons encourage shoppers to buy while they are out and about. Mobile applications make your products and services more accessible to the ever-increasing market of mobile users and ensure repeated exposure to your brand. Location based marketing lets you tailor your advertisements to local consumers with local needs.

Market Testing

Cross-channel marketing allows you to determine which marketing channels are most effective for your business. If you focus solely on television marketing, you could be missing opportunities to reach out to a large segment of your customer base that shops primarily on mobile devices. By trying out different marketing channels, you have access to a more significant amount of data about consumer habits and other important metrics. According to a Forbes and Turn study, 64 percent of executives reported that data-driven marketing is essential to competing successfully in the global economy. As you learn more about how your customers interact with your brand on each channel, you can drop campaigns on underperforming channels and increase your investment in the ones that thrive.


The benefits of cross-channel marketing are plentiful, and the applications are nearly endless. By expanding your marketing efforts to two, three or even five marketing channels, you can provide tailored benefits to consumers while increasing your market reach.


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