January 17 2019

3 Ways to Redeem Mobile Coupons: QR Codes, Stamp or POS Integration

If you want to increase customer engagement, then mobile coupons are the way to go. Research shows that mobile coupons can enhance awareness of products and lead to redemptions. Mobile coupon users also enhance revenue potential as they tend to shop and spend more than non-mobile coupon users. But redeeming mobile coupons can be a challenge if you don’t have a plan. Luckily, there are several ways to redeem mobile coupons. Try these three effective strategies for mobile coupon redemption:

1. Use QR Codes

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you can take advantage of QR codes. For example, you can scan QR codes to track the buying patterns of your customers as they redeem mobile coupons without integrating into a point-of-sale (POS) system. You can also monitor mobile coupon redemption effectively by tracking who has redeemed the mobile coupons and the redemption date and time. Tracking redemption helps you determine the success of a particular mobile offer.

2. Leverage Stamps

If you’re looking for ways to redeem mobile coupons beyond QR codes, then consider leveraging stamps to redeem mobile coupons. For instance, you can use Mobilozophy’s mzSTAMP solution to verify coupons on customers’ mobile devices. It provides a convenient solution that only requires your cashiers to touch the stamp to the stamp screen on your consumers’ mobile device to validate the coupon sans POS integration.

3. Integrate Mobile Coupons into Your POS

Large companies with POS systems can use solutions that integrate mobile coupon redemption within the system. For example, the mzCONNECT Coupon Redemption API from Mobilozophy streamlines the data collection process enabling you to integrate with your POS system and use barcodes to scan mobile coupons. Also, you can use it directly to retrieve the status of a redemption code, authorize and authenticate mobile coupons in real time and even generate detailed reports of the stores and cashiers that process the transaction.

Final Thoughts

Redeeming mobile coupons is simple when you have an effective strategy in place. Technology also is essential to ensuring your strategies run smoothly. Consider using advanced technology to help drive your mobile coupon campaigns forward with mobile coupon redemption solutions such as those mentioned in this post.


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