January 21 2016

How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Reach More Customers

More and more companies are adopting some form of mobile advertising to increase their customer base.  By using the latest consumer technology, a business can reach out to their customers across multiple channels and devices.  This lets them send out timely, personalized, and high-value advertisements that will reach their customers at exactly the right moment.  

An example of omni-channel marketing would be a business that ties in the same or related messages with their website, mobile app, and also in-store promotions.  This multifaceted approach has been proven to be extremely effective and can increase sales by as much as 4 times over traditional single-channel advertisements.

Omni-Channel Strategy

A multi-capability strategy can significantly increase revenue, but only if it’s done correctly.  “Seamless integration” is the key word to keep in mind when designing a cohesive multiple source campaign.  Your messages and promotions should flow smoothly between each point of advertising.  You also need to consider potential gaps in the “chain” of channels.  For instance, less tech-savvy customers may receive an email announcement that prompts them to go to a brick and mortar store.  While inside, they may not end up accessing their cellphones and miss out on valuable coupons or offers.

Understand How to Best Use Each Channel

Successful usage of omni-marketing is going to depend on understanding the limitations and advantages of each individual channel so they work together seamlessly.  Traditionally mailed advertisements still have their place in modern marketing because they’re typically received several days or weeks ahead of an event like a holiday sale.  This places the idea of visiting your store in the customer’s mind early on.

Emailed advertisements are a good alternative to paper versions because you can send enticing pictures of products and encourage the customer to take the next step and interact with your webpage.  However, if you use email too often, you run the risk of ending up in the “spam” folder and your messages being missed.  

Texting is another great channel for sending short, timely advertisements or coupon codes.  These can be connected with your website by encouraging your customers to sign up for message alerts that tell them when a favorite item goes on sale.  Use short text messages that get right to the point and always keep the needs of your customers top of mind. 

Finally, there are numerous ways that you can utilize all your omni-channels inside your store.  This may include integrating proximity marketing devices like Beacons and NFCs.  These devices send personalized and location-relevant messages to your customers as they move around your store.

Provide a Seamless Cross-Channel Experience

How does this look in practice? Let’s consider a department store’s omni-channel marketing campaign:

It begins with a loyalty program customer receiving an email about a coming sale.  When he goes on to the website, the system will track his searches and remembers which items were viewed.  Later, the customer enters the brick and mortar store and a proximity device alerts the central system.  He is pushed a notification greeting and asked if he wants to receive exclusive promotions targeted toward his interests.  Throughout the store, he will be sent digital coupons and advertisements for products related to what he has looked at previously.  


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