Using geo-location technology such as: beacons, bluetooth and NFC to trigger interactions at exactly the right time and place.
Easily create, execute, and manage text to shortcode campaigns such as alerts, coupons, contests, and sweepstakes.
Create a mobile-friendly web site or landing page in minutes. No coding required!
Use your QR codes to trigger a mobile event, such as an SMS message. There are a variety of things that you can do with a QR codes.
Deliver mobile coupons via an app, mobile web, or text and redeem your coupons at the POS.
Create mobile loyalty programs that incentivize your consumers, track your offers, and keep your customers engaged, all from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

Offer a secure, and contact-free way to pay, earn points towards rewards and pay with points all at the same time.

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Connect with your customers in a one-to-one relationship via their mobile phones.


Engage your customers with personalized content in a variety of ways such as, SMS, push notifications, in-app messaging, or location-based messaging using beacons or geofencing.



Convert customers into loyalists by delivering a personalized and relevant experience that they deem valuable.

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