Mobile Marketing Solutions

Drive engagement and convert brand advocates into loyalists.

With Mobilozophy’s mobile marketing software and solutions, you can deliver a useful mobile experience that consumers expect.

Mobile Coupons & Redemption

Deliver secure, personalized and contactless coupons, vouchers, and offers trackable by a variety of redemption options.

Mobile Loyalty

Strengthen loyalty by rewarding consumers for visits, purchases, or other activities by issuing perks or points redeemable towards special offers.

Mobile Payments

Offer consumers one app to join your loyalty program, and earn points to use towards purchases or redeem for offers.

QR Code Marketing

Provide a safe contactless experience using QR codes for consumers to scan for a website, coupons, directions, or other content.

Proximity Marketing

Engage consumers based on their location using beacon or geofence technology to encourage dwell times and drive revenue.

SMS Marketing

Build solid relationships with consumers who have opted-in to your text marketing program by sending personalized and timely messages for a valued experience.

Mobile Marketing Solutions Mobile Loyalty Website


Connect with your targeted customers through a variety of channels via their smart devices.


Engage your customers with personalized content through a variety of mobile channels such as SMS and push notifications.

Mobile Marketing Solutions SMS Marketing Platform
Mobile Marketing Loyalty Solutions


Convert customers into loyalists by delivering a personalized and relevant experience that they deem valuable.

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