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Mobile Solutions

At Mobilozophy, we have a number of different mobile marketing APIs and SDKs that can be integrated into your marketing campaigns. Whether you utilize one or all of the tools available, our team will provide helpful resources and ongoing support to integrate the solutions into your current systems successfully.

  • SMS or Text Messaging
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Coupon Redemption
  • Store Locator
  • Mobile Proximity Marketing


Mobile Coupon Publisher API

With the Mobile Coupon Publisher API, you or your clients have the ability to create, publish and manage coupons to be deployed across mobile platforms that consumers can redeem at the point-of-purchase.

  • User and Merchant Administration panels
  • Select from Pre-Existing Coupon Templates for mobile coupon display
  • Image Upload for each coupon
  • 2D Barcode and Alphanumeric Code Generator
  • PDF417
  • QR Code
  • Coupon Category Organizer to present coupons in an organized fashion to your users.
  • Retrieve coupons by Category
  • Automated Scheduling (valid and expiration dates)
  • List Coupons for Nearest or a specific store location (available with Store Locator API)
  • Social sharing via Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Trigger coupons based on location (available with Proximity API)
  • Delivery options
  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Application
  • Traditional Website
  • iOS Add to Passbook (release TBD)

Mobile Coupon Redemption API

Our mzCONNECT Coupon Redemption API allows you to embed our redemption functionality directly into your POS system, via your payment gateway, or into any pre-existing website for collecting the data needed to develop relevant offers that motivate response for achieving maximum ROI.

  • Generate a Unique Redemption Code that is tied to a specific user (one-time or recurring)
  • Real-time Redemption Code Authentication & Authorization
  • Redemption Code Expiration and Deletion
  • Retrieve Redemption Code Status
  • Detailed Redemption Reporting, such as:
  • Store Number
  • Cashier ID
  • Redeemed Date and Time
  • Coupon ID and Coupon Value
  • Amount off
  • Limit Coupon Redemption to Participating Stores

Mobile Proximity Marketing SDK

Our Mobile Proximity Marketing Package (mzMPM for short) is a complete solution that provides everything you need to run your proximity marketing campaign. It’s a combo of services and software that lets you set up and manage your campaign, then deliver targeted content to your customers.

  • Mobile Proximity Marketing In-Store Mapping App (requires an Apple device running iOS 7+)
    • Set up map with floor plans and coordinates
    • Set up and manage regions (collections of beacons in store or venue)
    • Set up and manage areas (places to invoke actions)
    • Set up and manage actions to be invoked in each area
    • Calibrate beacon power to optimize location accuracy
    • Test actions, areas, beacons and locations
  • Mobile Proximity Marketing SDK
    • Cross-platform support for iPhone iOS 7+ and Android OS
    • Provides up-to-the-minute configuration data when customer enters store
    • Uses beacons to identify current location of customer (puts a blue dot on their map)
    • Supports multi-floor store maps/floor plans
    • Offers location accuracy within 3 meters
    • Delivers in-app notifications
    • Data Collected:
    • Beacon entry and exit time
    • Mobile beacon identifier ID, name and location
    • User registration data: loyalty ID, email address, mobile number, Facebook ID
    • Marketing actions

SMS (Text) Message API

Developers or system integrators can easily integrate SMS messaging into an existing application or system using our SMS API. Several features include:

  • Send and receive high volume SMS messages
  • License a dedicated short code or use our shared short code
  • Schedule messages for immediate delivery or specific date and time
  • Ability to create segmentation to lists
  • Send messages based on an event such as, prior purchase or attaining a certain number of loyalty points
  • Personalize your messages using personalization tokens
  • Insert unique and/or shortened URLs without HPL patent infringement

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