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Whether you’re looking to reach more mobile users, increase engagement or influence purchasing decisions, Mobilozophy can help.  Our mobile marketing  platform allows you to create personalized, fully integrated mobile marketing campaigns that meet your specific needs.  We call it mzCONNECT – and it’s only available from Mobilozophy.

Mobile Marketing Software Solutions

In the early days of marketing, it wasn’t unusual for a business to use interruptive tactics to get in front of customers. Trade shows, e-mail blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising was the standard method of getting your message out there. Times have changed, and technology evolved.

Today, the roles have reversed and the consumer is in control. Not only are they too busy to meet with a salesperson or attend a trade show,  they also have a wealth of information at their fingertips. No matter where they are in the world they can access an infinite number of articles, reviews or just about anything — right from their mobile device.  This change has created new opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers.

Build Something Great

Create and manage custom applications using our APIs and SDKs.

Reach Mobile Users

Create a branded experience with a mobile-optimized website or mobile app , rich in delightful features.

Create Real-Time Experiences

Deliver a compelling mobile experience based on precise location using beacon technology.

Build, Strengthen & Retain Loyalty

Build, strengthen and retain relationships between your business and consumers.

Engage via Mobile Messages

Send SMS, push notifications and/or in app messages based on who your customers are , where they are located and what their personal preferences are.

Track & Analyze

Track and analyze your mobile campaigns and application data in real-time, then tailor your marketing efforts based on your consumers’ behavior.

See mzCONNECT in Action

Schedule an online demo with one of our knowledgable associates to see how our mobile marketing software solutions can help you grow your business.