February 23 2016

What You Can Do With Proximity Marketing Software

Proximity marketing software is reshaping and redefining the customer experience. Venues are coming to life with location-aware technology and consumers are taking notice. Now is the time for retailers and brands to understand and optimize each part of a customer’s path-to-purchase, or be left behind the competition.   

Location-based marketing can vastly improve visitor engagement due to it’s ability to localize and personalize the content being delivered. Proximity marketing software makes it possible to deliver these experiences.     There are two ways you can effectively utilize location-based technology in your marketing:   

  1. In store: Engage your customers inside the store by detecting which department they’re in and sending them information on related products.
  2. Time and place specific: Send different classes of messages/offers based on a targeted area outside of the store.

Location plays a key role in influencing consumer behavior because it provides context. Marketers are able to use actual shopper behavior to deliver more relevant, timely messages.    Here are a few things you can do with proximity marketing software:   

Create Location-based Coupons

Location-based coupons work in one of two ways: a device sends a single message to a customers’ phones when they first enter the store, or it sends them messages related to their position within the store. The message could be as simple as a greeting and a promotion for a store-wide or departmental sale. This is also a good time to include an offer to join a more comprehensive service like a loyalty program or sign up for future promotions.    Once your customers have approved their phones to receive further in-store messages, there are a variety of devices and software systems that can send out coupons as they move around the store. The advantage of these highly location-specific messages is that you ensure your customers receive offers tailored to their individual preferences and not just a general message.  

Send Location Aware Push Notifications

Delivering proximity-based push notifications can be an extremely effective way to deliver venue-specific content. From within the proximity marketing software you can send one-off messages in real-time, schedule targeted messages for specific dates and times and also customize content and messaging by a user’s location and preferences.

Navigate The Shopping Experience

“Where can I find this item?” is a common question asked by shoppers. Indoor mapping helps your customers navigate the store and discover valuable offers.  Proximity marketing software transforms your app into an in-store shopping companion. 

Access Proximity Marketing Software Analytics

By linking specific shoppers with other tracked variables (previous purchases, response rate sand time spent in the store), you can build a remarkably detailed and accurate profile for each customer. Over time, this information becomes more and more personalized, generating increased value for the consumer and the business.   

Manage Your Proximity Marketing Campaign

Launching a new proximity marketing campaign can dramatically redefine the way that you do business. However, this can be tricky to implement in the beginning, especially if you’re not completely familiar with the technology involved. Proximity marketing software like mzCONNECT can help you get started. Our platform helps coordinate all your mobile marketing systems together, ensuring that you get the biggest return on investment.    Proximity marketing can greatly improve the customer experience by providing relevant and targeted content. It allows today’s tech savvy consumers to engage, interact and transact how, when and where they wish, while retailers can measure their marketing’s effectiveness every step of the way.  


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