May 13 2016

Steps to Grow Your Mobile Subscriber List

The cellphone has become the most ubiquitous tool in the world: it’s strapped to every man, every woman, and, increasingly, every child. In short, there has never been a better time to embrace mobile marketing. Despite this, many companies experience difficulty growing their mobile subscriber list. This may be because of the content they provide, the messages they send, or simply because they did not target a specific enough demographic. Fortunately, there are four very easy tips you can use to see an immediate boost in your mobile subscriber list.

Make Your CTAs Count

One simple way to grow your mobile subscribers is to ensure that each call to action properly incentivizes the customer. It’s easy for the consumer to dismiss a message they see as simply trying to sell them something. However, if your call to action focuses on the possibility of winning prizes or receiving special discounts on goods or services, your customers will feel special and more likely to respond. The CTA is also a good opportunity to be explicit about what they will receive for subscribing–customers are less likely to respond to something abstract than they are to something both concrete and relevant.

Ensure Your Keyword Is Global

Of course, everyone knows the importance of using key words in almost any form of communication, especially sales. However, many people think correctly using the keyword is simply a matter of including it enough in their writing. The basic flaw with this way of thinking is that a keyword means nothing to consumers who have little awareness of or context for the word. This means also using print and online media to advertise the keyword. And you don’t have to stop there–consider placing your keyword on business cards, advertising, and maybe even on your vehicle. The more engaged you are with it, the more engaged your potential customers will be.

Don’t Pester–Provide Content

One of the open secrets of mobile marketing is that customers, especially millennial customers, hate to feel like they are being bothered or pestered by text messages. And text messages trying to sell them something often feels like the textbook definition of “pestering.” What, then, is the alternative? You should focus on a very specific demographic and try to provide information, content, and calls to action that are immediately relevant to their specific needs. The trick is to cross the invisible line where customers are actually entertained by your content and want to receive more, and you can use the calls to action to steer them towards an archive of additional useful content.

Use Other Channels and Apps

One of the best ways to grow mobile subscribers is to use more than just mobile marketing to do so. If your company has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest, you can use those channels to help promote your brand to engage with the customers. And make sure those customers are specific–it’s a rookie mistake to try to appeal to everyone rather than carefully selecting a demographic that will benefit most from your product.  If you don’t already have one, consider developing an app and using mobile marketing to encourage customers to download the app. This allows you to incorporate “push messaging into your mobile marketing strategy.” Combined with the aforementioned useful and relevant content, potential customers will begin viewing mobile CTAs as invitations to join a larger world of helpful information.

What techniques have you used for growing your mobile subscriber list?


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